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The Fairy Garden is geographically sound. Every room has a geographic relationship to every other room and most of these rooms have been scribed on a map.

Such maps can be found in three locations:

  1. This website's Shimmie Imageboard (See Booru for more information)
  2. Samakhulis's Skydrive
  3. In-Game with the MAP command

Every area in the garden is considered in the maps. However, much of the main continent including the Deep Caverns has been consolidated into one map found with World.gif. Please note the Great Tree also constitutes World-2 to World3.

The In-Game maps are completely text based. As you move, your position will also be shown in the map. Simply type MAP to see the map if there is one. If you are able, AHELP MAP gives the details on writing your own maps.