Fairy Garden (MUSH)

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For other uses, please see Fairy Garden (disambiguation).

The Fairy Garden is the world where all live. It is made up of mythological as well as real creatures.

The world of the Fairy Garden is based primarily on roleplay to which there is an extensive history. There are eight races from which you may choose and various options are available to each.

In addition to a history, the Fairy Garden also includes many features which make it fun, exciting and ever-changing.

It is encouraged to maintain roleplay in the highest degree. For more discussion regarding this, see OOC.

The Fairy Garden is based on the PennMUSH Server and may be periodically updated. In the event of updating, announcements will be made and the changelogs will be posted here as well.

If you need help working with anything including help navigating the world or code, you can ask any a Wizard and they will likely be able to help you find a solution or answer any questions.