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Using MUSHClient

My preferred client is MUSHClient, written by Nick Gammon. It can be downloaded at

  1. To create a new world, open the program and then File > New World. If you have another world you would like to clone, you may do so with the dialog that pops up. Otherwise, select No and continue.
  2. The IP Address selection in the World Configuration window will open by default. Enter a World Name.

    Port Number:3349

  3. If you are running behind a proxy, you may enter that information here as well.
  4. Go to the Connecting selection on the left. You will see a new set of fields where you can enter your character name and password. If you wish to autologin on connecting, select "MUSH/MOO ( CONNECT name password )" from the dropdown list.
  5. OK out of the world configuration window and select Connection > Connect (Alt-K) or click the Connect/Disconnect button on the World Toolbar.

Be sure and File>Save your world in your MUSHClient program folder or you will lose it.

Because this world is Pueblo-enabled, it is required that once installed, you go into your MXP/Pueblo settings and change the Use MXP/Pueblo to "Yes-always". If you don't you will receive various XML tags that can become spammy and very distracting. Besides this, turning on Pueblo will enable many exciting features which would not be displayed otherwise, such as clickable web links and send tags.