Wizard Skills

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Wizards are granted a high level of power over regular players. They can create as well as control and code among numerous other things.

There are a few specialized skills given to wizards which streamline their capabilities.

Wizard Skills
Name Description
Portals Travel to Wizard-Land and access the few wizard-only rooms there.
TSummon Draw another player to your location.
Teleport Teleport to another player.
ZAll Transmit a message to all connected players.
PAll Transmit a pose to every connected player.
InitiateShutdown Begin the 5 minute shutdown sequence.
BreakShutdown Halt the 5-minute shutdown sequence.
Flaglist List flags on any player.
Servus Nocturnus The system by which mortal players are granted temporary ownership of wizards.
Unlocked Things A list of all objects of type thing which are unlocked.
Trap Set all exits in a players location to bring them to one set room.
Untrap Reset all exits in a room to function normally.