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Using ZMud Client

ZMud is a commercial MU* client hosted from Zuggsoft. You can download a 30-day trial at no cost, but to get a full version, you will need to pay around $30.

To connect using ZMud, start up the client and click the New button in the Characters window. Enter your own ID and Title.

You can also enter your character name and password and then Connect to connect to the MUSH.

However much ZMud claims to have a working Pueblo emulator, it has been proven not to work at all for PennMUSH, and one with it enabled will see all the tags surrounding things such as room names, exit and door links, as well as anything else utilizing the Pueblo feature. Thus, it is important that Pueblo emulation be disabled for this world.

To disable Pueblo:

  1. Go into View/Preferences/General.
  2. Click the "Emulation" selection and uncheck "Pueblo emulation".
  3. Scroll down to the MXP/General MXP selection and uncheck everything in the "Pueblo emulation" box (Auto-detect, hide image-map clicks and popup Pueblo windows).

If you wish to have a working Pueblo-enabled client, consider MUSHClient or Pueblo.