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Here are some really old news entries that never got migrated to the database.
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190 (NEWS 390) - Test
By Alara: This is just a test post to see if RSS updates still work properly. Good luck!
--Sat, 18 Feb 2017 11:15:39 MST

189 (NEWS 389) - News Update
By Alara: I'm not sure why it wasn't fixed before, but I've finally gotten around to actually updating the news page links on the website to use the URL rewrites for news posts (<#>). Also, the in-game NEWS command should now contain pueblo (or plaintext) links out to the webpage equivalents for each news post. Also, if pueblo is used in your client, a news post will also provide clickable Prev/Next links.

Finally, more of a to-do item: https on the website is not yet global. There are still a few unencrypted elements, and for whatever reason, https is not forced like it should be. It may just require re-registration from certbot...or a few Apache tweaks.
--Wed, 04 Jan 2017 00:00:29 MST

188 (NEWS 388) - Functions/Hooks
By Alara: Note sure why, but for whatever reason the work I did in May to migrate functions and hooks out to alias.cnf (for better administration on those systems) was reverted in the database, or simply did not get removed from the Startup Machine. However I'm pleased with myself so much that I am announcing that these definitions exist and work solely out in a separate config file. Should be much easier to add new functions now!
--Thu, 16 Jun 2016 12:44:46 MDT

187 (NEWS 387) - New Location
By Alara: Yes, it's been a while. Yes we are moved! The Fairy Garden is back up and running mostly full-time! I had the game go down a couple days ago, which I only just a little while ago discovered, so I need to figure out what's causing that and hopefully remedy it, but we are indeed back up and running on the Pi!

In addition, please welcome Rajabelle back from her long hiatus! It's been a very long time since I saw her and it was a delight to be able to catch up and chat yesterday.

Also, I've been working on lots of new things including random butterflies which are very awesome, a multiple name match search tool that WORKS FINALLY (hoping to eliminate the 'I don't know which one you mean!' message), and a few other things. Fun times for all!!

--Wed, 18 May 2016 23:15:36 MDT

186 (NEWS 386) - Server Upgrade
By Alara: Morning, all! Just FYI, the server has been down since the weekend. Unfortunately this is a nice hardware issue. The server machine we've been running on for the past few years (a 2009 HP-DC7600 has been giving me numerous disk errors and periodic reboots have prompted processes that will hang the computer until I look at it days later.

As a result, I've decided to simply retire it and migrate everything to a nice, simple (and quieter) Raspberry Pi. Everything will continue running there, at least until I can afford a nice big server to replace the old one. Latency due to slow hardware (it IS a $35 computer, after all) may be present, but I'll try to keep everything lightweight to reduce background processor load.

Also, the online state of the server may be sporadic for a while as I optimize and update, particularly with importing the website and removing the Raspbian desktop interface (didn't realize full Raspbian included the GUI which I hate). Online state may also be affected by the physical move of the server to new ISP in a couple weeks.

Thankfully the old server files are still accessible, so I'll be able to import Apache website settings and such.

Thank you for your patience!
--Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:42:38 MDT

185 (NEWS 385) - GMCP at last!?
By Alara: Wow! And here I was going to try and hack it into the hardcode myself in my spare time. But guess what? THEY ADDED GMCP SUPPORT!!

I'm very excited about this. I was talking with Jadesaber just last night (before discovering that GMCP is now a thing for PennMUSH), and thinking about the maybe-spammy sunrise, sunset, moon phase and clock quarter-day tick messages. I know if I were to idle without the SILENCE flag, I'd become quite annoyed at all the text scrolling by. That's why SILENCE was invented, after all!

But my idea was to see about adding GMCP support so that I could send messages to the client, but automatically keep them from printing to the console. I mean, that's what the protocol is for after all. Well guess what? While searching for the sources to MSSP-REQUEST (which uses a similar Telnet option), there it was in all its glory. GMCP. Already implemented.

Thank you PennMUSH devs!! You guys are awesome!
--Tue, 01 Mar 2016 22:12:51 MST

184 (NEWS 384) - News Feed Updates
By Alara: In the past 2-3 weeks I've been working steadily to upgrading the RSS feed as well as updating the News page on the website. Running the RSS feed through Google's RSS Validator tool flagged a TON of invalid items (as Feedburner was not updating for a long time). Some major upgrades as well as changes required or recommended by Feedburner are as follows:

- Feed is now dynamically generated via PHP. New feed URL is at
- Feed now references ATOM libraries.
- managingEditor and webMaster tags now give my name in addition to my email, something Feedburner requires.
- A number of feed items did not contain properly formatted pubDates when I was fiddling 2 years ago.
- Some item descriptions had invalid binary characters which were blocking EVERYTHING.
- Item GUIDs were not actually unique. All RSS tutorials say if you make GUIDs equal to the URL to a single news post it should work. Right now, I don't 100% trust it, so I've created an in-game function "guid()" to generate a standard 128-bit GUID for this SQL field.
- The link tag no longer relies on the SQL link field for each post, since URLs and such are changing as I develop. The Link tag is now dynamically generated and routes users to the single news post page for that entry.
- I am thinking I'll simply set the GUID tag to the same string as the link tag. The IDs in the SQL table SHOULD be unique, so it should work.
- I am also planning on possibly putting the UNIX timestamp into the pubDate field in the SQL document, then translating it in PHP whenever the RSS feed is generated.
--Wed, 24 Feb 2016 17:56:22 MST

183 (NEWS 383) - Wanderer Update
By Alara: Just a quick note: Wanderers now checked for regularly @locked exits (without doors) to pass or fail choosing a random exit to walk through. This will let me complete the Christmas Box idea by setting a custom lock on the out door.
--Sun, 03 Jan 2016 16:44:03 MST

182 (NEWS 382) - Christmas Updates
By Alara: Hello all! It's been a while!

This holiday season I've made some significant updates to a few of the systems, specifically those pertaining to the old Holiday Boxes and wanderers.

Firstly, the "Christmas Box" as it was called, is no longer some little object that I hide away way up in wizard-land where I push a button every Dec. 1st and out pops everything. No! Rather, this all should happen semi-automatically now! To release all the creatures I will still have to push a button (i.e. open a door and let them out), but the festive snow-cover you see in the forests and central plains will now occur immediately on the 1st of every December, and dissipate on the 1st of January!

Secondly, on a more technical side, wandering creatures will now respect closed doors a little nicer. Instead of just butting their heads against one non-stop, if one is closed, they'll simply glance at it every so often.

Also creatures will reset to their respective homes during the midnight hour of every day. Note - this does mean that a creature may just sit in one room and do nothing for an entire hour, but at least they won't get lost for very long now. Unless they end up FIXED for some reason.
--Sun, 27 Dec 2015 18:22:57 MST

181 (NEWS 381) - Good news
By Alara: I've reinstantiated the Winamp bot to notify me when someone logs in and requests a new character! Finally, after migrating to Ubuntu, I can be notified and no longer blind to new character requests for weeks after they're made (yes, I could log in regularly, and probably should, but I haven't for a while...).
--Sat, 29 Nov 2014 09:27:22 MST
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