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231 (NEWS 421) - Big bug quick updates
By Alara: Goodness, it's been a while since I wrote anything here. In the past three months, there have been some nice, big changes!

- We are now running on a NAS that I bought myself for Christmas! At long last, it's a machine that can actually handle some higher power stuff and isn't so old that it's half broken all the time anyway! In other words, we've graduated through the following stages of hosting:
- My Windows laptop
- A headless Ubuntu server on a dinosaur desktop
- A Raspberry Pi
- A brand-spanking new NAS

Granted, this is running as a virtual machine, but uses the NAS built-in backup tools to keep 4 weeks of snapshots. Plus the scheduled tasks built into the interface allow me to update indb from outdb easily instead of double-checking crontab or something like that.

I am also running a few more big applications on this computer, including Plex, MariaDB for the website, home-hosted Minecraft (it's a backup of my usual server that I run from work), and a couple other things. So with that said, periodic reboots are more likely, meaning weeks of idling will be interrupted more.

Next topic!!
I've been getting a ton of spam connect/disconnect attempts from some subnet in Russia. This has been going on for months. Therefore, behind the scenes, I've built in an additional Pueblo string on connect events to quickly ban an IP. If for some reason I've mistakenly banned your IP, even the connect attempt to the MUSH port will be immediately rejected. Contact me if you have issues and legitimately want to log in and play!

That's all for now.
--Thu, 25 Mar 2021 16:58:45 MDT
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