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232 (NEWS 422) - Voting and URL Shortener!
By Alara: New command! +VOTE will display a list of URLs to head out to listing sites for voting purposes which increases visibility of the MUD in general! No remuneration can be given for clicking these, and they're limited to once every 24 hours per IP address.

Additionally, I found that pasting the actual vote links was, in some cases, very spammy and glitchy, and have therefore updated a long-overdue project - the TFG URL Shortener! contains a list of shortlinks that can be shared around and will redirect out to the long URLs that they represent.

Currently there is no way to add to this list except through the back-end, so they will be limited to game-specific links to places. I know the M*U*S*H devs made one that can generate a new link in-game for the purposes of URL blacklisting and spam prevention when initiated from a +channel messages, but for now ours will be really bare-bones.

That's it for now!
--Fri, 21 Jan 2022 10:49:51 MST
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