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82 (NEWS 314) - Updates
By Alara: Sweet new upgrades. We are now fully integrated with the new 1.8.4p8 patch plus quite a few revisions beyond that. Here are some of the things that have been integrated:

-PCRE (regexp stuff) is now an external library. This was a hardcode change put through by Raevnos a week or so ago, but was just now fixed up by myself for the Windows server. This basically means that we can update the PCRE libraries directly from, compile them separately and update them without having any direct updates to PennMUSH itself

-In the same way, we have also integrated the external libraries for OpenSSL, another requirement which will be committed by Raevnos soon. Of course, now that it actually works ANYWAY is pretty nice, although I can't get full functionality out of it, simply because I don't want to go paying Verisign for pointless certificates. At least decode64() and encode64() work.

-I've updated the Huh? replacement object, and migrated custom Huh? messages over to their own separate attributes. This'll make them a lot easier to handle and we'll be able to store a lot more due to buffer lengths of a single attribute.

-Winamp has undergone another set of nice changes which give me the capability of texting back if you've run TEXTALARA. Winamp will now check a specific email inbox for messages that I send it from my phone and relay them into PennMUSH. Messages from this inbox are parsed based on subject line.

If the subject contains the words 'suggest', 'typo', 'bug' or 'echo', they will do those tasks automatically. Echo just sends an email-based text back to me for me to see if it's working. Any other subject line, and it wil assume it's a player name and attempt to page that person with the body of the email as the message.

That's all for now. Have fun, everyone!

--Fri, 18 Nov 2011 17:25:04 MST
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