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Version 1.8.4 patchlevel 6 -- Aug 01, 2011

Minor changes:

  • Clean up the linux inotify file monitoring code a bit.
  • @forwardlist can be inherited (But defaults to no-inherit).
  • @pemit/port now takes the /list switch, to pemit multiple ports at once.
  • When you 'register' a character at the connect screen, you can re-use the command to send a new password to the same email address, as long as you haven't connected yet.
  • @odescribe/@adescribe are no longer triggered when a Terse player moves into a room, as he doesn't see the @describe.
  • exit-oneway and exit-multiple warning checks now take global exits into account.


  • valid() can be used with the 'qreg' category to check if a string is a valid q-register name.
  • crecall() now returns an error when given an invalid channel, and no longer returns an error when used on a channel with nothing to recall.
  • Added uptime(), which returns much of the information from @uptime.
  • quota() now accepts 'me' as an argument.
  • remove() is now ANSI-aware.


  • Wildcard matches on ANSI'd strings sometimes failed.
  • Bug in matching code when a room tries to locate an exit.
  • Help updates.
  • Crash bug in dealing with Pueblo markup.
  • Fix some issues in parsing flag/attribute/eval locks.
  • @[out]pageformat could sometimes receive the wrong alias in %2.
  • align() didn't correctly apply ANSI to empty columns.
  • Fix compile warning in player.c when sendmail is not enabled.
  • Fix hardcode bug in ansi_strcmp, which affected the softcode splice() function.
  • @chan/what failed to report when Admin channels also had the Player priv.
  • win32/config.h was lacking a definition for int16_t.


A few of the changes in 1.8.4p5 were rolled back to 1.8.4p4 due to win32 compile errors. Therefore r111 was not completely integrated. However, I just opened a new ticket and was able to get Talvo to fix up the few errors left, and so the lists above and in 1.8.4p5 are now FULLY up to date. The revision for these fixes was:[http://code.google.com/p/pennmush/source/detail?r=1132