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In their own words:

GATEWAY - The MU* Community is a gaming resource MUX. What this means is that this is a place for MU* players, staff and newbies to the MU* community to gather in a peaceful, positive atmosphere, for the purpose of sharing information and ideas. It is also a place for gamers to find refuge should their MU* crash or go down for whatever reason.

Mini versions of games can also be run here, either in MU*-style or in tabletop form. Discussion rooms are set up (or can be set up) for players from all over the MU* community to gather and have OOC discussions on every topic under the sun. This MUSH is not limited to one gaming system, either. Whether you play MUDs, MUSHes, MUCKs, MOOs, MUXes, White Wolf games, AD&D games, Steve Jackson games, or even games you've created yourself, you are still welcome here. It does not matter. The more diverse the company, the better.[1]

We currently have a mini portal set up on Gateway MU*. If you'd like to visit it, you'll need to create a player on their game.

MUSH Address: telnet://
MUSH Port: 6700

Once your character has been created and chargen'd, you should be placed at the Crossroads. From here, you can access the Fairy Garden MUSH's "Embassy" by going:

If for some reason I have to turn off the MUSH for whatever reason (server upgrades/problems/power outage/etc), feel free to congregate there with your fellow garden fairies.