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Known as the Other Race, the Fomori, as they have come to be called, are a human-like race directly opposed to the Nature-aligned Elementals. While not explicitly evil, the Fomori consider the advancement of civilization and humanity as their primary focus, and they oppose those who cling to the old, non-progressive teachings of Nature and the worship of life energies. Rather, alchemy and science are the achievements of the modern era, and Nature only serves to provide raw materials in which to construct, create, and conquer.

The Fomorian city of Darkness is the central gathering point of for anyone who considers these ideals of the advancement of civilization as primary, and while it is not exclusively Fomorian, the city is lead by the Fomori known as Elatha, whom it is said hails from a distant land.

The Fomori was that group of beings who drove the inhabitants of the world into seclusion. They were said to have died off long after the original races escaped to Lunara with the help of Onelak. However, with the discovery of the City of Darkness and the writings found referring to the stories of Elatha and Balor, this has been since been proven to be false.