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Here are some really old news entries that never got migrated to the database.
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230 (NEWS 420) - Racial Homes
By Alara: By popular (woo three people on at once) demand, I've looked into the default racial homes and found them to be a bit confusing. As of today, 'A clearing in the trees,' the marshmallow roasting spot, has been set as the furry class's homebase. I've retroactively gone through and re-@linked all players who had their homes set to the previous defaults. Those who had their homes customized later still maintain them, though!

Additionally, I'm working on one slight upgrade (also requested) to make these racial homes a little more obvious. The base of the Great Tree has been redescribed with something a little more than the default for the zone, as well as the entrance to the Dark City. I have some big plans for the Naga race, whose racial home is not in the City, but some random spot in the south forest. Stay tuned!

P.S. Pipeweed isn't yet a thing, but can be soon!
--Tue, 27 Aug 2019 13:50:09 MDT

229 (NEWS 419) - New maps
By Alara: The central plains have at last been mapped out in I think five sections! Additionally, I've added maps to the Moon Temple and Timara. At this point, I count 732 rooms that are not mapped at all. I am unsure how many of these are in private housing, but I don't think it's too many, really.
--Fri, 29 Mar 2019 22:58:06 MDT

228 (NEWS 418) - New Stuffs
By Alara: Nysh'ala and I are currently trapped on the Isle of Namek (a.k.a the Lonely Isle). We are planning a long flight to return to the mainland, but really have no idea which direction to go. The plan is to fly off this island, hopefully find another island closer to the mainland, and eventually, by hopping from one tiny strip of sand to the next, make it back to civilization. Wish us well!

In other news (though in the same general vein), the garden on Lunara is mapped! It's a very symmetrical spot, so it was more than easy to draw and make work.

I also found out that my short script to detect unmapped rooms was not adequate - it grabbed ALL objects (not just rooms) which did not have a map table. Detecting unmapped rooms should be much easier now, though I do need to also clean up the Wizard Skills list (the command object is fine, but the LIST SKILLS command doesn't show hardly anything).
--Wed, 20 Mar 2019 08:12:06 MDT

227 (NEWS 417) - Flags
By Freya: Two new flags have been created: MOB and ITEM. I wish to differentiate between living and non-living thing types. We have over 900 different things in the Fairy Garden, and there has not been a standard way to split mobs and non-mobs. This should take care of that.

I will be writing a short wizard script to scan all things and give Pueblo links to set either one flag or the other. Note - this flag is not mutually exclusive, so if you are able to set it, I will ask that you not set both unless absolutely necessary.
--Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:08:20 MST

225 (NEWS 416) - Domain and Website
By Alara: And we're back up! A month later. And a few more updates: I've put this server behind Cloudflare, just as a thing to play around and experiment with. If there are any connection issues, this may be the cause.

Another small item of note - in the next week or so, we may lose DNS, as I've initiated a transfer of the domain to another registrar. I'll try to get everything hooked back up asap after this takes effect.

Finally, "Connected Players: #" on the website now links to a pretty-print link ( which is a special case that shows online players rather than the original URL format.
--Wed, 06 Feb 2019 11:19:56 MST

224 (NEWS 415) - Great News
By Alara: Best news ever, in fact. That is the RPi is nearly recovered fully! I have a few outstanding items to take care of, but right now they are minor. But all websites hosted on this tiny $30 device are now working, and I now have a plan to have an active mirrored backup for everything as soon as I can justify another hard drive to run a second Pi.
--Sun, 06 Jan 2019 11:51:57 MST

223 (NEWS 414) - Fix the thing
By Alara: Timezones are still not being written into SQL correctly (for the ATOM feed). See if this fixes it??
--Sat, 05 Jan 2019 00:57:00 MST

222 (NEWS 413) - Further Fixes
By Alara: A quick note to let y'all know that all SQL has been recovered, and backup scripts are still working. The only major items left are actual web hosts, letsencrypt and hooking everything up from them. This should not be too bad, though. At least I hope not too bad...
--Sat, 05 Jan 2019 00:52:48 MST

221 (NEWS 412) - Upgrades, Breakages, and Fixes
By Alara: Here's an update on what's going on this week.

Alexander is visiting MAGFest this week! HOORAY! I wish I were there too. I told him to try to attend the Demoparty, because I hear those thing are pretty underground and cool.

I completely screwed up the server on Tuesday while running a suggested upgrade to MariaDB 10.1. Turns out Debian (and Raspbian) has a demo OS release out which when upgrading to that (because I thought they followed the same major release schedule as Ubuntu, Windows 10, etc.), completely borked the system as far as MySQL, Apache, and PHP goes. Basically my LAMP install bit the dust. So I am spending the remainder of this week refreshing ALL of Raspbian from scratch.

This includes upgrading to a RPi3+ which I've been hoarding at home as well as migrating to HDD-Only mode (this is apparently programmable in the RPi3's internal flash, so you can pull the SD card and it will still function)! Additionally I got Raspbian Stretch installed by default, as well as MariaDB 10.1 running as the base SQL server.

Compiling PennMUSH last night was a real pain. Turns out it couldn't guess that the SQL client libraries were located in /usr/include/mysql, and so I followed PennMUSH's SQL instructions to "specify mysql_config via --with-mysql=" but did not realize that was supposed to point to /usr/bin/mysql_config. I thought it was supposed to be /etc/mysql/my.cnf or something!

Well, after that was clarified around 11pm, the engine FINALLY compiled and I spent the next hour merging MUSH configs in with the newest distributions.

Outstanding issue: All old web hosts are currently under construction. I need to reintegrate all the old website files and reconfigure SSL (probably will just generate new certs from scratch, rather than try to recover the old ones, since certbot is free). Additionally, I need to get cron back up and running in order to properly perform daily backups and other periodic activities.

MUSH-wise I decided to turn on the config option to warn on all rooms disconnected from #0 rather than on rooms without exits leading ino them. This means there were about 50 rooms this morning that were complaining about disconnects and unfloating. I am slowly working my way through them which leads to today's big(ish) in-game update:

The Sky is now mapped! I thought for sure I had already gotten this, but apparently not. Plus working my way through disconnected rooms, I ran into a few old grid projects which I'm going to gradually open up. A few are easter-eggy, so I don't want to spoil everything by giving you all details here. Just have to go searching, or in ten more years, randomly run across them!
--Sat, 05 Jan 2019 00:41:46 MST

220 (NEWS 411) - Christmas Box and GMCP
By Alara: Hiya, all! I was just working on a few fun things. And annoying things. And frustrating things. But I think everything works now!

1. The Christmas Box was not correctly releasing all the wandering creatures.

More realistically, the wandering Christmas creatures could not find the door because they didn't realize they could walk through the only exit out of the Christmas Box due to the inability of testlock() testing EVAL-type locks. Turns out elock() works much better for this.

2. GMCP is actually a working thing right now! I only have one module available: Exits!

Set OOB`EXITS=1 on your character to turn on this option. Of course, your client will need to be parsing incoming json data over Telnet Subnegotiation.

Check out HELP OOB and for more information on this. I will see about also publishing my MUSHClient scripts on the website for the saavy folks to pick apart.
--Sun, 09 Dec 2018 12:46:03 MST
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