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Balor is a name that strikes anxiety into the hearts of all those that hold Freya and all things Nature dear. Balor, derived from the Celtic Fomorian God of the same name is said to be the originator of the Annihilation Crystal that first blighted the world, turning it into an unlivable Wasteland, and has been referred to by many as "The Blighter" or "The Destroyer."

Balor takes the form of a giant, three-eyed Naga. His remaining two eyes are serpent-like with slits for pupils. The third, his center eye, is covered with seven scaled lids which rarely open, hiding it from view. Many rumors suggest that it is the opening of Balor's eye that would destroy the world.

While the City of Darkness is not solely dedicated to the worship of Balor, its founder, the Fomorian Elatha, was strongly influenced by the divine whisperings of Balor and based many of the city's founding ideologies upon His aspects.