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Version 1.8.3 patchlevel 10 -- Aug 24, 2009

Major changes:

Minor changes:

  • @search and lsearch() now only charge 100 pennies if an evaluating search (EVAL, EPLAYER, EROOM, ETHING, EOBJECT, EEXIT or ELOCK) or an exhaustive attribute search (COMMAND, LISTEN) is performed.
  • The %u sub now works for built-in commands, as well as $-commands. Useful for @hooks.
  • The use command now understands english matching.
  • Rooms can now use @open/open().
  • Mortals can now use '@attribute <attrib>' to see the default flags of a standard attribute.
  • @channel/priv now uses 'thing' instead of 'object' for channels which allow things to join. 'object' is kept as an alias.
  • The chatdb now saves channel buffers and mogrifier objects, so you don't need to put @chan/buffer or @chan/mogrifier in @startup.


  • The HEAR_CONNECT flag is now used (instead of MONITOR) to allow players to see 'GAME: Foo has [dis]connected.' messages. MONITOR on players now enables ^-patterns, the same as on things/rooms. Any players with the MONITOR flag will have it replaced with the HEAR_CONNECT flag automatically.


  • lpids(), getpids(), and pidinfo() provide information about wait/semaphore process ids and processes.
  • lalign() works like align(), but takes a single arg with a list of columns, instead of one arg for each column.
  • New lockowner() function returns the owner of an @lock.


  • @pcreate without a password would crash the game.
  • DARK-disconnected on channels was turned into DARK-connected, on disconnect.
  • MOGRIFY`BLOCK wasn't being called, as help @channel6 said it was.
  • Help fixes, by Sketch and others.
  • @clone could mess up the names of the original and the clone.
  • Crash bugs in rand() and randword().
  • Added --disable-zlib configure option to turn off using zlib to work directly with compressed databases. Passing this to configure makes the game act like pre p8 ones.
  • member() now ignores ANSI in matches.
  • Regexp $-commands are now ansi aware. As in: ansi is passed to %0-%9.
  • hidden() now works on descriptors as advertised.
  • @name could cause a crash. Fixed.
  • @nscemit/silent didn't work.
  • Win32 compile fixes and project file updates.
  • The chatdb failed to load when objects of the wrong type were listed as channel members.
  • flags() on an attribute used as the root of a tree would include the ` twice.
  • baseconv() would hang the MUSH if passed a negative <number>.