Character Generation

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Character Generation, or chargen as it is referred to in-game, is the process by which a player customises their character.

Four things are required to leave Character Generation: Gender, Age, Race, Class and Description


You may choose from male or female. This may have bearing on places your character may access. Currently, gender is unchangeable.


In character generation, you may choose what your in-game age is. This previously would be your starting age and would increase as time progressed. However, for a freer roleplay, this has been dropped in lieu of an open system with which you can change your own age at any time. It is, though, still a required attribute in order to leave chargen.



Your race may be any of the twelve player races. Each race may have its own list of skills, but the race is primarily for roleplaying purposes only.


A class is simply a category of races. There are four classes which you may choose from. Initially, you will choose your class, then advance into a second chargen area where you will choose one of three races in that particular class.


Your description is your physical appearance. You can be as free as you want with this. However, most fine describing themselves a rather daunting task. To alleviate this difficulty, here is a sample command which you may run in-game.

 @DESC ME = This is a fairy being. It has thin translucent wings and buzzes around like a small bug.

Yes, you must have the @-symbol in front of the desc command and you also must include the equals (=) sign. If you ever find you can change attributes on things other than your character, you can also replace the "ME" with the name of that other thing.

You may edit your description at any time and a tool called the Wardrobe even exists to aide you in such endeavors.