Dryad Skills

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The skills of a Dryad are focused mainly on the earth aspect of the elements. The dryads are more commonly known as tree sprites, which in simple terms could be considered the spirits of the trees themselves. Thus, they have the ability to return to their own tree or even become their tree or some aspect of it.

Dryad Skills
Name Description
Achaean Viridian A direct copy of the Achaean Sylvan ability: Viridian (description only).
Viridian Revert If you are currently in Viridian form, turn back into your human self.
Windblow Summon a gust of wind to carry your leaves to another person.
Rustle Rustle your leaves and send a message to the other dryads of the garden.


The dryad also has the ability of treemelding, which allows them to create a bond between themselves and a specific tree. After planting their tree's seed, they can do many things with it including instantly returning to it, melding inside of it and even opening portals for other players to join them.

Dryad Treemeld Skills
Name Description
Plant Plant a seed in a natural area to grow your tree.
Uproot Uproot your tree from anywhere to reclaim it.
Treereturn Return from anywhere to your planted tree.
Treemeld Meld yourself with your tree and enter its heart.
Describe Describe any room within your own tree.
Portal Open a temporary portal to another player.