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The ocean surrounds the island continent of the Fairy Garden. At present, the only portion of the ocean readily accessible is the Gulf of Dromkesh, a body of water surrounded by an atoll of numerous, and often volcanic islands that sweep far into the southern ocean. From the mainland, the ocean is only accessible to mortals via the beach on its southwestern edge. However, recent reports from the merfolk indicate access to the northern Sea of Mena may have been attained.

In addition to the Gulf, ocean exploration has also revealed the Isle of Endelana, a megalithic, dead tree jutting into the sky from its watery grave, though only the winged with the constitution to handle the journey are able to reach it.

The ocean itself is the home of the Merfolk, who reside in a Coral City on the fully submerged western edge of the Gulf of Dromkesh.

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