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Below is a list of maintenance links. With the development of certain policies, it is recommended that the following be standardized:

  • No Redirect Pages. If someone creates a new page which redirects from another page, it should be deleted and all links rewritten accordingly.
  • Link to Wanted pages. Even if a page does not exist, put a link to it. Then it will show up in the Wanted List and we can write it later.
  • Do not use subcategories with the colon (:). Instead make extensive use of the Category system.
  • Make sure all links to category pages are written in such a way that Category:CategoryName is not displayed.
  • No page should be orphaned. But if they are, make sure they are included somewhere in a category page.
  • No page should dead-end. Surely there is a link you could make from any page to any other page.
  • All pages should have a category of some sort. Only in rare cases can they not.
Orphaned Pages Dead-end Pages Wanted Pages
Category List Pages without Categories Categories without Categories
Redirect Pages Broken Redirects

Test Interwiki: Wikipedia:Village pump drupal: