Winter Wonderland

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High in the mountains east of the currently explored area, a towering peak soars into the sky, its top obscured by a thick cover of clouds. Really you can't see the top of this from anywhere below it, but up close, it can be made out as a sheer granite cliff; a pillar of sorts. The very top of this peak is actually missing, dished out by some natural phenomenon. Probably a volcano erupted, though for obvious reasons, this was by no means a recent event, because if one were to travel to the top of this peak NOW, they would find a snow-filled Winter Wonderland. A large forest covers the southeast side of the bowl-shaped valley, with the southwest side boasting rather dangerous avalanche slides.

This wilderness is contrasted on the north side of the basin, where a number of elves, ruled by a rather reclusive gnome have built a rather festive village. Sometime 16 or so years after Alara performed the Great Experiment, a small group of elves, some of the best craftsmen in the land, decided they wanted to climb the highest mountain they could find.

Of course, being the mechanically-minded type, rather than digging a tunnel up through the mountain as a gnome would, these elves built a huge pulley system complete with counterweights which they used to simply ride to the top. This car is still in operation, and provides the more daring explorers a lengthy, but easy way of completing the ascent into the valley of winter.


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