The Fairy Garden MUSH


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You are about to embark on a journey into the mystical world of Alara's Fairy Garden. Created in the old-school text adventure game style, this world is both engaging, fun and ever-changing.


The Fairy Garden MUSH requires a local Telnet client to be installed and configured on your own computer.

Recommended Clients:

Connecting to the Fairy Garden
Create a new World or MUD listing in your preferred client and enter the following information into the connection options:
Port: 3349

Detailed instructions are listed in our wiki.


The Fairy Garden is based solely off of a concept around which its story is written. While many MU*'s like to pattern themselves from a previously written story, the Fairy Garden is an attempt at laying down a base story completely from inspiration and completing the story via roleplay. In short, you are the author. Completely.

Rules for Roleplay:
The Fairy Garden encourages roleplay based on many of the basic mystical creatures. There are currently 12 races divided into 4 classes:

Levels and Experience

While many MUDs consist of a levelling system and dungeons to gain experience, I haven't had much desire to develop something so complicated from scratch. Although I've had a few ideas in that area, my main objective has been to work on the look and feel of the garden to make it as enjoyable as possible without too many features. Therefore, there will be no levelling or experience system, at least not right away. Instead, roleplay is encouraged above all else.

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