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Summary of the Fairy
Skills Fairy Skills
Racial Home Great Tree
Pictures (Undefined)

This is probably the most common race of the world. The Fairy could possibly be considered the winged elf. It is also a common belief that fairies are Elemental beings of the air. Through natural and magical evolution, it is theorized that the fairy used to be as big as a human but has shrunk over the centuries in size until one can be held in the human hand!

While some fairies are seen as having thin, translucent wings like the dragonfly, other types grow much larger and more colorful wings, like a butterfly.

There are also other breeds of fairy, including the river fairies found in the River Hive in the Northern Forest, as well as the crystalline fairies of the Crystal Plane

In addition to the villages and areas being discovered all the time, the Fairy race was first embraced by players, beginning with Alara, followed by her apprentice Sama. Soon afterward, Alynia was born a fairy.