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113 (NEWS 329) - TMC, Aliased Globals
By Alara: Well, as of this morning, I'm happy to announce we are now listed on The Mud Connector! Check the page out at! Since this is a new listing, we're pretty visible at the moment.

I've had about four guests login today alone, and all of them have been rather quiet, though a few have tried a few of the standard SGP commands like +finger, +score, +who, +where, etc.. THEREFORE, I've decided to alias a few of the more common commands for the systems that I've created myself to a number of these rather standard MUSH softcode commands. These include +who for WHO and +bblist and +bbread for NEWS (I have NOT installed Myrddin's Bulletin Board for some strange reason. I just...haven't. Finally, +staff and wizzes have been aliased to the standard WIZARDS command.

Hoepfully this'll make these commands a little more universal with the rest of the known MUSHing world so new folks who HAVE been around the block will be able to use their memorized softcode commands to still get to the stuff they expect to see.
--Thu, 29 Dec 2011 21:57:37 MST
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