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117 (NEWS 333) - Super Updates
By Alara: Okay! So, per a suggestion from Skegonga, I've built a large pulley and winch system to pull you up into the Winter Wonderland. This is accessible in the southern section of the high mountains. You'll see a basket on the ground..and if that's not there, you can find a lever in the cliff. Simply PULL the CLIFF LEVER to summon the basket down from the top. Get in and PULL the LEVER inside the basket, and you'll be drawn directly up the cliff and into the area.

Other updates...I've gotten smart and stopped primarily hanging out on #1. Everything has been @chowned to Sama, and Sama has been renamed to Alara. Previously Alara (#1), has been renamed to Freya and is now considered off-limits to me unless I'm running database cleanup or a sitelock or something. So Alara still exists, and is still your main wizard contact, but no longer has God power.

--Mon, 09 Jan 2012 09:43:51 MST
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