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144 (NEWS 355) - More bug fixes and feature updates
By Alara: Work on the underworld has begun, thanks to the return of Satyana, the daemon queen! However, I, as fairy queen, deemed it necessary to banish her to the underworld, where she now sits trapped in a pit of lava. Feel free to throw tomatoes at her. least you can try.

Other updates! I've changed the TvN wiki page to read "Asepsis" and "Antiseptic" rather than my cheesy term of "Alive" for the term of "Good Taint." Thanks to Rajabelle for this idea.

ALSO, I've further updated the standard @conformat to show "sleepers" in a room. This basically shows those who are within the dreamrealm and will wake up in this room. So, if I sleep and am transported to the dream plane, you will still see me in the room where I went to sleep, but under a new listing called "Sleepers." The player will not actually be there, but will awaken there if they ever do awaken. This means I should probably set them as FIXED if they sleep, to ensure that they do use the WAKE exit to leave.

That's all I have for now! Have fun, all

--Fri, 07 Dec 2012 01:11:39 MST
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