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148 (NEWS 359) - A few changes and additions
By Alara: I've added and changed a number of little things.

- Founda a bug with hidden exits that caused them not to show up for cansee (and equivalent) players. This has been fixed.
- Sally Spiven has a few more pastries and baked goods for sale. Her menu started getting a little smudged, so she spent time rewriting it and making it prettier.
- Dark players (if you have that capability) will now see a room LOOK/QL/LL in a monochrome highlighted black (hx), regardless of current room ansi formatting. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of when you're dark and when you're not, and this should help.

There are more things to come, but those will be later!
--Sat, 22 Dec 2012 16:35:38 MST
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