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150 (NEWS 361) - WHO
By Alara: +WHO has been revamped to be more streamlined in its visual formatting. Instead of the brute-force methods of manually spacing out the various columns, I've changed it to instead use the align() function which greatly simplifies parsing individual records into the table.

A few more changes to +WHO:
- *ASLEEP* no longer shows player location in the dreamscape.
- *ASLEEP* ALSO blanks out idle time, since asleep would indicate that the player is...asleep. This is mostly just to keep a sense of roleplaying reality.
- If a player is connected twice from two different locations (two MUSH windows, or a mobile client along with their regular client, or whatever), that number will show up in the Flags column.
- The OOC/IC flag in the flags column has been removed. It was worthless. All rooms, except for #2 (the master commands) were considered IC. Besides, removing it makes space for the aforementioned "# of connections to this player" flag!

And lastly, I've upgraded the LAST option in +who/all (+WHO/ALL/LAST) which now sorts the list of players based on last logout date for disconnected players, and idle time for connected players. So, logically, if you're connected and you check +WHO/ALL/LAST, you've just reset your idle time, and should ALWAYS show up on the bottom.

--Fri, 28 Dec 2012 00:13:32 MST
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