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228 (NEWS 418) - New Stuffs
By Alara: Nysh'ala and I are currently trapped on the Isle of Namek (a.k.a the Lonely Isle). We are planning a long flight to return to the mainland, but really have no idea which direction to go. The plan is to fly off this island, hopefully find another island closer to the mainland, and eventually, by hopping from one tiny strip of sand to the next, make it back to civilization. Wish us well!

In other news (though in the same general vein), the garden on Lunara is mapped! It's a very symmetrical spot, so it was more than easy to draw and make work.

I also found out that my short script to detect unmapped rooms was not adequate - it grabbed ALL objects (not just rooms) which did not have a map table. Detecting unmapped rooms should be much easier now, though I do need to also clean up the Wizard Skills list (the command object is fine, but the LIST SKILLS command doesn't show hardly anything).
--Wed, 20 Mar 2019 08:12:06 MDT
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