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66 (NEWS 302) - Wizard-only maps
By Alara: With a sort of maze that I just built, I updated my mapper machine. Now it is possible to set maps as wizard-only. This means that if you are not a wizard, you will not be able to see the map. Instead you will see the false message that 'There is no map in this location.' However, if you ARE a wizard, you can type WMAP or WIZMAP and see the map that everyone else thinks doesn't exist.

Note that if the area you are mapping does not have a wizmap lock in place, WMAP will display the main map just as if you typed a plain MAP. However, a title bar will appear if the map in your location IS in fact wizmap-locked.

Have fun! With my maze, I mean ;).
--Fri, 21 Oct 2011 15:35:15 MDT
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