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68 (NEWS 304) - RULES
By Alara: I've created a new help system for +RULES. The main rules.txt file has been disabled and all information from it moved to +RULES (the RULES command is aliased to this as well).

This way I can add/remove based on what happens and what problems I run into after this thing goes completely live. Because I really hate rules. Stuff like 'No chatting on xyz channels' or 'Only IC requests on the wvm channel.' I REALLY hate that sort of thing.

So my plan is to detail any rules and restrictions based on what I like, and moving it to a softcode system will make that easier for me to do (no editting the txt file and then rebooting every time I make a change).

That was a bit too long-winded. Anyway, there you are!

--Thu, 03 Nov 2011 12:30:09 MDT
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