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77 (NEWS 309) - Screenreader
By Alara: I THINK I've finally upgraded the entire system enough to be screenreader friendly. I had to do a major overhaul on the object ancestors, particularly the room parent, so that while walking around descriptions would be cut out (since most of them are rather redundant anyway in any particular area).

The nice thing about this is that you can set the SCREENREADER flag yourself by running @set me=screenreader. Once this is done, the lisbar will cut out the -_-_-_ bits (which screenreaders OUGHT to do anyway, but I don't want to assume anything), as well as the full room descriptions. Also contents status will be cut and defaulted to the regular name.

However, if you're curious as to the full appearance of the room, you can still bring that back using the +LL command (+LL, LL, +LONGLOOK, and LONGLOOK). This will (hopefully) display everything as it is (minus the pretty title bar) for a non-screenreading client. This command includes the full room description as well as statuses on objects.

Note: With SCREENREADER set, only the DESCRIPTIONS of the rooms will be removed. Special outdoor/indoor flourishes, regular event flourishes, and desc_contents will still be displayed even when SCREENREADER is enabled. This is because these attributes are special and don't usually carry over from one room to the next. Besides they are fairly short and won't take any time at all to read.

So if you have ANY questions or concerns, please let me know. I'd be totally willing to make changes if for some reason any part of the system is wreaking havoc.

--Mon, 07 Nov 2011 23:22:11 MST
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