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94 (NEWS 318) - Wiki-like Links
By Alara: Okay. Sorry about that previous post. That was a test, as the title suggested. I've just completed a prototype of a psuedo wiki-linking system. On the website, a string convention [[ stuff ]] is taken and parsed into a link and text. Based on a prefix inside the brackets, these links will automatically route to different places including Drupal nodes, external websites, wiki links and specific player links on the new players page.

As you can see from the older posts on the website, the database has been already updated to reflect this standard. However, I just NOW edited the news writer to insert these tags automatically, as well as strip them off for the in-game news reader.

Okay. I have to run. But I'll return later and maybe finish this article up!

--Sat, 19 Nov 2011 16:19:55 MST
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