Bowl of Terran Elixir

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In light of the rumors that a piece of the Annihilation Crystal known as the Blackened Monolith was being excavated from below the city of Darkness, the creatures of Nature decided that the best course of action was to counteract the effects.

Since Alara's Vial of Terra was destroyed upon its use, the exact formula used to restore the Wasteland upon the fae's return was lost. However, Alara herself managed to remember a little bit of the formula, and with research, the inhabitants of the Great Tree began growing the Central Mushroom. It's variety was said to produce a spore that was the key ingredient of the elixir used in the Vial of Terra.

Thus far, testing of this substance has been taking place, and a solution is nearing completion. The fae and all who live in the Great Tree are calling their creation the Bowl of Terran Elixir.