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The Taint-vs-Nature system is an overarching game that I have just begun work on. MU*-wise, it will be based on Lusternia's big Glomdoring/Magnagora-vs-Serenwild/New Celeste system with their power nexuses and the spread of taint and light. In a broader sense, the system will be based on the classic infection game where your goal is to beat the computer/other player by successfully infecting all the cells with your own virus and eradicating the other viruses in the process.

Listing of the TvN system

So far, I've thought of the following:

  1. City of Darkness and the Great Tree will be the home bases for the opposing factions.
  2. All rooms in the entire world (with the exception of Wizard-Land will have infection influence.
  3. Influence in a room can be changed by either side, but the change must be gradual.
  4. Each room has an effective influence value of 0 to 100. 0 is the most tainted, 50 is neutral and 100 is the most 'antiseptic.'
  5. Home base rooms (the City of Darkness/Underworld and the Great Tree/Lunara) cannot be altered in terms of influence. They are automatically set at 0 or 100 respectively.
  6. Changing influence is done via some sort of minor object which is held in the room for a quarter of a day (1 RL hour/3600 seconds).
  7. Changing influence affects the room's influence_val by +/- 1 unit.
  8. Any room which is completely influenced by one side (has an influence_val of 0 OR 100) will automatically influence all adjacent rooms (1 unit per RL hour).
  9. Each base will have in Lusternian terms a "Nexus of Power". I need to still come up with a good name for them in the Fairy Garden, but right now I will just call them Influence Centers. This will be a large central object within the home base of each side which can be charged with some sort of ethereal unit through some process.
  10. Once each Influence Center is charged to a certain number of units, upgrades can be applied to influenced rooms in exchange for those units.
  11. Each Center will have a maximum amount of units it can hold, but it will be quite large. We don't want an unreal maximum that will allow one side to completely obliterate the other in two minutes, so a maximum must be instituted to force one side to purchase upgrades -gradually-.


  1. New rooms - Add on to the home base. All new rooms will be set to influence_val = 50, but will be affected by adjoining rooms which are fully aligned.
  2. New exits - Link rooms in the home base together via an exit.
  3. New special exit - Link rooms via an exit, but make the exit special in some way...
  4. New housing exit - If a citizen has a custom player house, they can request it be linked to the grid via their home base.
  5. Permanently influenced - If a room is fully aligned with one side (0 or 100), this flag can be set which will keep it at that influence level forever (or until some weird wizard/divine "event" takes place). This value has to be quite high so that both sides have a chance.
  6. Double influential - Set this on a 100% influenced room and it will convert the adjacent rooms by 2-units per hour instead of 1. This upgrade will not function if the room is below 100% influence, and will be destroyed completely if influence of the room is changed to neutral or beyond.
  7. Room converter - This will be the small object which will need to be dropped and protected in a room for a quarter of a day to change influence. See Conversion below.


Rooms will be converted one-unit per quarter day (1 RL hour). This will require some sort of small object that is obtained from the Influence Center at a unit cost. Once obtained, the object will need to be moved to some under-influenced room. This can include fully-influenced rooms of the opposing side.

NOW...It would NOT be good to be able to transport this object to the very gates of the opposing side right off the bat. Therefore, my idea is that for every room moved, the room converter will gradually kill the person holding it. In a roleplaying sense, it is much to powerful to hold onto, and therefore cannot be taken very far from the Center. If the person is killed, they will be taken off the grid by the Grim Reaper, and the object will be destroyed.

Health loss will be determined by how influenced the rooms traveled through are. If a room is 100% influenced, there will be no bearing on health loss. If the room is neutral, health loss by walking into that room with a converter will be high, and walking into a fully-influenced opposing room will have a VERY high health loss on the person holding the converter. In-between values will have a relatively gradual health loss. While holding the object, health regen by ANY means will not be possible.

By extension, if a person is killed AT ALL when holding the object, the object will be destroyed.

With that said, there is the process:

  1. Request a conversion object from the Center. This will cost a certain number of Center units. The value of these objects will not be TOO high, but will be high enough that the person requesting them has to have at least SOME experience living and breathing. They can't be newbies fresh out of Character Generation.
  2. Transport the object to an under-influenced room. This can be a 49-unit room, a 0-unit room or even a -50-unit room.
  3. Drop the object. If the room you drop it in is a valid room to be converted, then the conversion will begin.
  4. The object will lock itself to that room. It can only be removed by destroying it. There cannot be two objects in a room at a time. Or maybe there can be..that'd be a challenge.
  5. Defend the object for an hour. The object's timer wait for 3600 seconds before executing its script. If the object is destroyed in that time, the conversion will be cancelled.
    • Better idea. Instead of dropping the object in the room, hold onto it in the room and "CHANNEL CONVERSION". Then players around you would need to defend you for an hour, as that person would not be able to do anything except channel, or else the conversion would need to start over. Players from the opposing side will want to kill you (and destroy the object, since dying means the object is destroyed.
  6. If you are killed, you cannot summon another object for say..a week (or maybe UNTIL next week) which is 1 RL day. Meaning, the player will be set with a flag that prevents object summoning.
  7. At midnight server-time, all no-object-summon flags on any players will be removed.
  8. If conversion is successful, they may return to the base, summon another object and convert again (within the same week). As long as a person does not die at all, they can convert as many rooms as they like in a week (obviously a maximum of 24 if time restraints are taken into account).


The following will be the official names of the objects used in the TvN system:

  • Aspesis - The state of a completely restored/nature-aligned room.
  • Annihilation Crystal - The object originally used to destroy all life in the world. Shards of this will serve as conversion objects for tainting.
  • Blackened Monolith - The large object in the middle of Darkness that will serve for the taint Center.
  • Blighted - The state of a completely tainted room. Worldwide blight was known as the Wasteland.
  • Bowl of Terran Elixir - The official asepsis-conversion object.
  • Central Mushroom - The asepsis Center somewhere in the Great Tree.
  • Fae - The faction of Nature. They will use the Bowl to restore the land.
  • Other Race - The faction of Darkness. They will use the Poisoned Shard to taint the land.
  • Poisoned Shard - This is what I'm going to call the taint-conversion object for now.
  • Vial of Terra - The original item used to restore the Wasteland. A form of this will serve as the positive-conversion object.