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Disambiguation refers to a name that is used with multiple pages. One example could be The Fairy Garden (Area) and Fairy Garden (MUSH). The Fairy Garden is used in both cases, but they refer to different things. A disambiguation page can be used to differentiate between the two.

Disambiguation pages should always have the title "Page Name (disambiguation)".

Two templates have been created to allow for disambiguation: they are disambig and disambigme.

The disambig template should be inserted at the bottom of the disambiguation page mentioned above using:


Disambigme is a template used in the actual pages included in the dismabiguation. If the page is a member of a disambiguation, at the top insert the disambigme template:

{{disambigme|disambig title}}

One example exists with the Fairy Garden. There are three pages with this term: Fairy Garden, Fairy Garden (MUSH) and Fairy Garden (disambiguation).

At the top of the Fairy Garden and Fairy Garden (MUSH) pages, we have added the template:

{{disambigme|Fairy Garden}}

This will add a string with a link to Fairy Garden (disambiguation).

At the bottom of Fairy Garden (disambiguation), we have added the tag:


This will simply mark that page as a disambiguation page which is different from the others.