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All General Pages can contain information related to their title. It is recommended that you not over-link terms within the text. Rather, if a term recurs multiple times in a page, simply link the first instance to the other page and leave the rest as is. It is also suggested that you self-link the first instance of the title in the text. You can see above, the "Pages" word is bolded. This is a result encapsulating that term within its own link to this page.

It is also encouraged that links be made even if the page you are linking to does not exist. The link will refer to a non-existant page and a reference to that will be placed in Special:WantedPages which someone can create at a later time.

One more note: it is highly recommended that each page belong to a Category of some sort. Please look at Special:Categories for a list to use. If a category is not in that list, consider creating a new one by adding a link to "Category:Category Name".

You should not create sub-pages unless absolutely necessary. This refers to pages such as Race:Fairy or Maps:World0. Instead, give the page its own title: Fairy or World0.

If a title must be used for more than one type of page, place its usage in parentheses after the name: Connection (Social), Connection (PennMUSH), etc. Then look into Disambiguation.