World Tree

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The World Tree is a recent discovery made by Alara and Skegonga. This tree, even bigger than the Great Tree is rooted far into the High Mountains and stretches above the clouds. Its roots are said to descend to the very bowels of the Underworld. However, the extents of the World Tree are as yet unconfirmed.

Fourteen and a half years after the Great Experiment, the passage leading to this monument in the mountains was discovered. This recorded a total of three larger passages discovered leading into the mountains, the other two being the road to Timara and the peaks surrounding Onelak's house and the portal to the Crystal Plane.

Some have theorized that the World Tree, existed before the Other Race invaded the world, and probably was the very monument which spawned the birth of the world. As of yet, no further information has been discovered about this tree, but in the wake of the discovery, efforts are being mounted to gather as much information as possible regarding it.

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