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105 (NEWS 323) - Werewolf Transform
By Alara: I've added a new little werewolf skill. It's a little backward from popular methodoligy. Rather than transforming ones self INTO a werewolf in the light of a full moon, instead you are granted the ability to transform yourself into any OTHER race while the moon is NOT full (or nearly full, as I'm allowing Gibbous which constitutes about 3/8ths of the phase possibilities).

So really, when the moon is NOT full or gibbous, you as a werewolf can transform yourself into any other race and walk around as any individual. You will NOT be granted that race's skillset, but any +finger/+score will list you as that race. It will be up to you to work out your wardrobe's alternate descriptions. However, if you are morphed when the full moon or gibbous stages arrive (on the hour), you will be forced back into your wolfish state and will not be permitted to morph back out until the third quarter is reached. Enjoy!

--Fri, 25 Nov 2011 22:01:30 MST
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