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106 (NEWS 324) - Registry is Finished
By Alara: The Registry is at a good finishing point. Guests may now request characters within the Guest Housing using the registry object. REQUEST = sets an entry, and then wizards will use a few commands to create, view or delete those entries. Winamp has also been tasked with emailing these people once their player has been created, so now it's got to be online even MORE than before.

Really, I'm just proud that the entire system is boiled down into about six commands, all of which are extremely simple, and yet it will attempt to create the player, let you know if the player is not in the database, email the player, generate a random password, and all sorts of things.

One more off-topic note: I learned that all rooms must be @chowned to me. Otherwise STATUS attributes cannot be detected. I should force STATUS attribs to be visual, but having them private might come in handy one day.

--Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:01:27 MST
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