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122 (NEWS 337) - New people and newer tools
By Alara: Hope you're all doing wonderfully!

Quite a few new developments have been taking place within the last couple days. One, we've gained a few new players, and I'm not sure I mentioned some of the older ones. In total, this brings our ranks (including my alts and those of a few others) up to 22!

Pyre, a dragoness, has joined our ranks, as has the naiad, Kaedin. I believe I already mentioned Gareth a while back, and of course Norbert has been fairly regular. Kilgannon joined up around the time Gareth did also, so welcome them both if you haven't already.

I can't stress enough that roleplay is the basis of activity in the Fairy Garden, so if you're bored, see if you can't grab me or someone else for a scene!

Okay, onto bigger and better and more interesting things: I've taken Saraid's advice, and have dropped the age limitations. You will all notice that your YEARS_BEGUN attribute has been removed, and in its place, the AGE attribute now exists on your player. Within chargen, the age limit has been removed completely. The only prerequisite now is that it be an integer value.

The -result- of this is that +finger/+score now displays two lines: one reflecting the IC time for how long your player has existed, and the other reflecting your own age attribute. Age is now completely configurable at any time. Simply CHANGE AGE TO to change it. I've wizard-locked this attribute still, though, just to enforce the numeral requirement. And just for consistency's sake, I might as well make sure it's also positive ;).

Secondly, I've fixed quite a few bugs regarding chargen. Hopefully the field of energy will now properly link you, unset your FIXED flag at the end and teleport you out to the central plain.

Finally, I've introduced a new (but slightly standard) MUSH command called +hangouts. +HELP HANGOUTS lists proper syntax, but any room that is set as JUMP_OK will be listed here, letting the entire world know that it can be @teleported to. This should hopefully alleviate some issues people have been having with figuring out just where they are and letting them meet up with other people without my intervention.

As always, any bugs, suggestions or enhancements should be relayed to me via BUG/TYPO/SUGGEST, page or @mail.

Have fun!
--Fri, 03 Feb 2012 12:21:04 MST
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