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121 (NEWS 336) - Racial Evolution
By Alara: After about a week and a half of further brainstorming and discussion, I'm happy to say that I've at last completed the new and improved Class and Racial Evolution systems of Chargen!

While in the main Character Generation room, you are now required to pick a class. These classes, unlike other games, are not a basis for your skillset or 'profession', but are rather classes of RACES. One could think of these as racial categories, really.

There are currently four classes, listed in order of alignment to and against Nature: elemental, furry, lepidran, and undead. Each of these classes has three races to choose from, the exhaustive list including fairy, naiad, dryad, anthro, metamorph, theriolyph, daemon, dragon, naga, lich, sluagh, and vampire.

As of right now, the wiki and +help files have been updated adequately, though they could probably use a little extra work. Chargen has been configured to require class, and then step you through a quest-like race choosing system based on the class you picked.

Over the next couple days we're going to be running some pretty extensive testing, and if you'd like to help, just pop in and ask me for a chargen reset. Or if you don't even have a character, log on as a guest and give me a poke for a brand new one!

--Fri, 20 Jan 2012 02:15:23 MST
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