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138 (NEWS 349) - Backend Function/Hook/CMD()
By Alara: Great news! I've added a new softcoded function: cmd(). This will, at least for me, make it a whole lot easier to write help files and directions. You may have noticed that many of the help snippets on various objects display commands as bright yellow text, usually capitalised, signifying that this is the bit you should type to make a command work. Well, before, I coded this the hard way by using the ansi() function and calling a standard color value from a data table listing somewhere out there. Well, NOW I've at long last @function'd that string, and consolidated everything down into a simple function called cmd().

In addition, I've ALSO moved all of the function and hook handling into the Startup/Shutdown Machine. As a note to myself, if I ever need to add more hooks or softcode functions, all of them are initialized there on startup. And attributes no longer need initialization, but I've kept my old command list in there anyway, just for posterity.

Anyhow, you shouldn't see anything out of the ordinary, nor will I, but things should be at least a little bit cleaner now.

More to come soonish.

--Sat, 27 Oct 2012 12:24:11 MDT
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