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139 (NEWS 350) - Dryad Treemeld
By Alara: Wonderful news, all! I've been working long and hard on a new Dryad system and I think I've gotten it all squared away. Please put your hands together and welcome the new Treemeld skillset! With this skillset, dryad are now able to plant a seed and grow a tree in any natural environment. Once their tree is grown, they are able to return to it instantly (like HOME), meld with its heart and enter it, describe its interior and even open portals to allow other players in! And of course, they can uproot their tree and plant it elsewhere.

All the initial bugs should be worked out of the system, thus making it useable, but I'm thinking of a few more features and bug anticipations to take care of soon. That'll be put in a separate task though. For now, if you're a dryad, look at LIST SKILLS and see all your newfound abilities, and enjoy!

--Sat, 03 Nov 2012 12:51:18 MDT
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