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141 (NEWS 352) - Gateway MU*
By Alara: I've successfully gotten an embassy set up for the Fairy Garden over in Gateway MUSH! In addition to it being a nice advertising system, this also gives us a place to go if for some reason I have to shut this game down temporarily. I've cloned three rooms (my limit) there in our embassy from here: Sally's cafe, a snapshot of the isle of Endelana, and one of the areas upon the lunar plane of Lunara. These three, I felt, were the most descriptive to depict the general feel of this world.

I'm going to write +HELP GATEWAY for the connection and direction info while in that realm, but for now, you can find Gateway MU* at I'm going under the name of Alara there as well, so +FINGER ALARA and +MUD/INFO THE FAIRY GARDEN MUSH should all reflect the information about this world properly!

Yay for advertising!

--Thu, 22 Nov 2012 16:21:42 MST
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