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142 (NEWS 353) - Skills, Ideas and lotsa players!
By Alara: Heya, all! Haven't written to here in a little while, but I wanted to give you all an update on what I've been up to. Welcome back Ytheria (previously Lorien), and thank you to Rajabelle for coming on so much more frequently. And also welcome Tiel. Did I already post and tell ya'll to welcome him? Well welcome again. Hopefully we'll have Satyana back as well. I've been speaking with her and as demon queen, she really wants to come back and wreak some havoc on us all. I welcome the opportunity for a bit of roleplaying 'conflict' or fun, whatever comes first.

On another note, our increased player activity has stirred up quite a few bugs and ideas which I've been working intently on:
- Sally Spiven purchases will now show a prettier messages to third parties.
- Ytheria's made a few requests for ideas, and the first is complete with: a smokeable pipe.
- I'm planning on upgrading the room contents list a bit. It won't look any different, except now objects will be able to be set dim.
- AWAY players (and dark/@hidden) will have their room colours monochromized as a reminder that they are set away/dark/@hidden.
- I'm planning a big upgrade to the wardrobe, making the commands easier, and actually letting the wardrobe SET your description, rather than just telling you what you should change it to.
- Dryad tree descriptions in the container room now evaluate instead of just get the text on the dryad player.
- A new skillset called General Skills has been introduced for skill-type commands that all players can access, instead of being limited by race. The first skill to this is DREAMCAST, which lets you send an illusion to a player who is asleep.
- More plans are on the drawing board regarding the dreamrealm.

And much more to come! I have about 50 or so tasks/bugs/ideas that need to be processed or reviewed, so I'll be taking a lot of time with that.

Hope you're all well! Love you all!

--Tue, 04 Dec 2012 08:39:16 MST
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