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154 (NEWS 364) - POKE ALARA
By Alara: I swear someone is gonna get fed up with my computer making noise all day, so don't go abusing it. However, note that now you can POKE ALARA and basically get my attention with the wizard-only beep() command.

If I'm on my phone's client (Blowtorch), I have it set up to buzz whenever the bell character is heard. So feel free to poke me! And who knows? Time it just right and make sure it's sitting in my pocket just so and can pretty well figure out where I'm going here.

Anyhow, hopefully soon I'll have my bot back up and running and alerts related to you all logging in and sending messages will be much smoother and easier. I might even set up the Pushover service to send notifications! Wouldn't that be awesome.

--Sun, 23 Jun 2013 16:57:19 MDT
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