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157 (NEWS 365) - Major SQL Feature Release!
By Alara: Great news, everybody!! I've updated the player sql table to include a written summary of your character! All you need do is set the SUMMARY attribute on your player, and the sql object will do the rest. Of course, updating only takes place every hour or so.

The summary is fully evaluated, so if you want to parse in your description or any other bit, feel free! Do note that I'm surrounding everything with the sqlescape() function, so you shouldn't be able to pull off anything too funny though :P.

Example: &SUMMARY ME=She was born a fairy of Lunara, and discovered/created a portal to the old world.%r%rShe looks like this:%r[eval(me,describe)]

[See this link for the result!]
Have fun!
--Tue, 25 Jun 2013 08:31:38 MDT
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