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185 (NEWS 385) - GMCP at last!?
By Alara: Wow! And here I was going to try and hack it into the hardcode myself in my spare time. But guess what? THEY ADDED GMCP SUPPORT!!

I'm very excited about this. I was talking with Jadesaber just last night (before discovering that GMCP is now a thing for PennMUSH), and thinking about the maybe-spammy sunrise, sunset, moon phase and clock quarter-day tick messages. I know if I were to idle without the SILENCE flag, I'd become quite annoyed at all the text scrolling by. That's why SILENCE was invented, after all!

But my idea was to see about adding GMCP support so that I could send messages to the client, but automatically keep them from printing to the console. I mean, that's what the protocol is for after all. Well guess what? While searching for the sources to MSSP-REQUEST (which uses a similar Telnet option), there it was in all its glory. GMCP. Already implemented.

Thank you PennMUSH devs!! You guys are awesome!
--Tue, 01 Mar 2016 22:12:51 MST
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