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186 (NEWS 386) - Server Upgrade
By Alara: Morning, all! Just FYI, the server has been down since the weekend. Unfortunately this is a nice hardware issue. The server machine we've been running on for the past few years (a 2009 HP-DC7600 has been giving me numerous disk errors and periodic reboots have prompted processes that will hang the computer until I look at it days later.

As a result, I've decided to simply retire it and migrate everything to a nice, simple (and quieter) Raspberry Pi. Everything will continue running there, at least until I can afford a nice big server to replace the old one. Latency due to slow hardware (it IS a $35 computer, after all) may be present, but I'll try to keep everything lightweight to reduce background processor load.

Also, the online state of the server may be sporadic for a while as I optimize and update, particularly with importing the website and removing the Raspbian desktop interface (didn't realize full Raspbian included the GUI which I hate). Online state may also be affected by the physical move of the server to new ISP in a couple weeks.

Thankfully the old server files are still accessible, so I'll be able to import Apache website settings and such.

Thank you for your patience!
--Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:42:38 MDT
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