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193 (NEWS 392) - KEEPALIVE
By Alara: Previously we had the keepalive flag set by default on all players. However, I have found over a number of years that this, while keeping the connections alive as expected, also caused some unintended behavior on clients like Blowtorch, which would still print the characters 0xFF 0xF1 once a minute; something that gradually becomes annoying, especially when real estate for actual, useful information is limited by the screen size.

So I've decided to simply remove KEEPALIVE from the default list of flags to set on new players, and I've also reset KEEPALIVE flags on all players. If you find you have connection issues after this, you can, by all means, @SET ME=KEEPALIVE and re-activate it on yourself. Also remember that while KEEPALIVE prevents your ISP or router or computer from terminating an otherwise-quiet connection, you can also keep the server from terminating the connection by sending a periodic IDLE() command via a timer.
--Wed, 17 May 2017 09:31:14 MDT
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